This is your Social Studies Class Website…. Yahoooooooooo!


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  1. Rachel and Marisa says:


    Inquiring minds want to know ……

    Mr. Voelger we would like to know how does a big guy like you LOL fit into one of those squishy tight places in the Military Hummer?

    By the way… We like your website. How come you didn’t do this when you first started?

  2. J3SSiCA =] says:


    This is really cool that you can make your own website. i just cant understand why you will take the time to create 2 websites but you dont have a myspace? w/e. i hope your test is easy tomarrow and i hope i do good.

    …you’ll be seeing my in advisory for extra help =]

  3. Emilyyyyyyyyyy d!!!!!! (= says:


    im your favorite(=

    P.s Jessica says hi.

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