The Changing of Ideas

• Religion > The Great Awakening
People across the colonies find God > The South goes religious

• Political > The Enlightenment

John Locke: said that people are born with rights given to them by
God. “A King does not give people rights”.

Thomas Paine: Wrote a book (10 page pamphlet)
called “Common Sense”

Colonial point of view before Thomas Paine
Before: People get their rights and their government allows
them to have these rights.

Paine: Said “government is there to protect our rights not to
allow them.”

Questions people started to ask:
• What made him so special so that he got to be King?
• Paine got the people to start thinking about rights that they were born with.
• Paine expressed that the King shouldn’t decide what rights people may have.
• After reading the book “Common Sense” people started to ask questions and this ultimately took some power away from the King because they were starting to think more about the situation and whether the King should have this power.

Government has certain obligations:
• To protect the people
• To serve the people
• To protect the rights of the people


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