Today we are learning about the Boston Tea Party. By looking at the causes and effects leading up to the Tea Party, students will grasp the true importance and reasons behind why a small group of colonists ruining tea can be so important.

Cause and Effects:

  1. The Townshend Acts (1763)- taxes on all British goods coming into colonial harbors. These acts taxed sugar, tea, glass and lead amoung other things.
  2. The Sons of Liberty call for a boycott of British goods. Boycott- to not buy products and goods from one group or company.
  3. Parliament sends two regiments of troops (Redcoats) to Boston to fight the Sons of Liberty and stop the boycott of British goods.
  4. The Boston Massacre (1770)- British Soldiers kill five colonist in defense as they were surrounded by a anger colonial mob.
  5. The Sons of Liberty use the Boston Massacre as propanganda to get a stronger backing from the Bostonians and boycott British goods.
  6. The King repeals the Townshend Acts, he realizes that it is a good way to ease the anger of the colonists after the Boston Massacre. He removes all taxes but the one on tea.
  7. The Boston Tea Party- December, 1773 The Sons of Liberty disguised as Mohawks raid many British tea ships in Boston Harbor and threw 342 barrels of tea into the bay.
  8. The Tea Party angered the King and he creates the Intolerable Acts. A series of laws to punish Boston and Massachusetts. * Closes Boston Harbor                * Banned Town Meetings * Colonists must house Redcoats

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