The social studies midterm this year will be held on Friday January 26, 2010. The Midterm will cover all the units we have learned this year with a special focus on “The Causes to the American Revolution“, and the “American Revolution“.

Over the next week and a half there will be three parts to our 7th grade social studies midterm review.

  • Part 1- Causes to the American Revolution
  • Part 2- American Revolution
  • Part 3- All other material

Part 1:

  • Causes of the American Revolution-

• Freedom of Press- Peter Zenger was arrested for printing news on the King. There was a court case that established he had the right to speak his mind.
• Magna Carta- The first Bill of Rights in England that limited the power of the King. The King had to ask Parliament if he wanted to raise taxes. He no longer was all powerful.
• Enlightenment- A movement of ideas where people started to question the way things were. People no longer accepted things because they were the way things were. People wanted better rights.
• John Locke- Wrote about how people don’t get their rights from the King instead they are born with Natural Rights that god gives them. This stated that the King was not all powerful; he had to allow peoples natural rights.
• Thomas Paine- “Common Sense” A pamphlet that said people had the right to kill the king and start a new government if that king is not protecting the rights of the people. A government gets it’s power from the people and not the other way around.

French and Indian War- In the 1750’s a war broke out when the French started to take Virginian land. The French, Indians and Spain went to war with England and the Iroquois. The war cost tons of money and England claimed that the colonies should pay for a war that was started protecting their land.

Moving Westward-(Proclamation of 1763)- England also signs a treaty with the Iroquois that state the colonies will not spread west into Iroquois land. * This angered the colonists who were hoping to spread west.

Stamp Act- Tax on all paper goods, which was a huge deal because back then most people used paper for everything.

Intolerable Acts- Taxes and laws that angered the colonists. A tax on tea (which was the #1 beverage in the colonies, yes no soda) Quartering act- stated that all citizens had to allow soldiers to live in their house.

Boston Massacre- Boston soldiers shot and killed four colonist kids because they threw snow balls at them. This was one of the last straws and the colonists were very upset about it.

Boston Tea Party– A group of Bostonians (Sons of Liberty) protested taxes on British tea by dressing up as Native Americans and throwing British tea off of the trade boats into the harbor. This action angered the British crown and ultimately lead to the Intolerable Acts.


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