One widely accepted theory suggests that the ancestors of Native American Indians migrated to the Americas from Asia by crossing the…
  a) Appalachian mountain range

b) Bering Strait land bridge

c) Atlantic Ocean

d) Great Plains



Inuit’s wore clothing made of seal and caribou skins. Pueblos wore clothing made of woven cotton. Algonquians wore clothing made of deerskin. These differences in clothing were most likely the result of…
  a) traditional religious practices

b) available natural resources

c) family kinship requirements

d) competing customs in fashio



The earliest Native Americans crossed a land bridge called…
  a) The Bering Strait

b) Alaska

c) Atlantis

d) Beringia



Which of the below was the earliest civilization?
  a) The Aztec

b) The Maya

c) The Olmec

d) The Inca



In the 1500s what changed the ways of life for Native Americans forever?
  a) climate changes

b) wars between nations

c) lack of food

d) arrival of the Europeans



Agriculture allowed early Americans to
  a) form communitiesb) hunt more efficiently

c) form governments

d) travel farther



This Native American language was spoken on Long Islandand in New York was? 

  a) Iroquoian

b) Algonquin

c) Aztec

d) Apache


8 )  

Which Native American tribe has a reservation on Long Island?
  a) Mohawk

b) Montauk

c) Shinnecock

d) Cherokee



Who were the Native Americans of the Moriches/ Mastic area?
  a) The Unkechaugeb) The Massapaquoges

c) The Montauks

d) The Seneca



The longhouse was a type of dwelling used by the
  a) Anaszi of Arizona

b) Iroquois (Haudenosaunee) of New York

c) Inuit of Alaska

d) Pueblos of New Mexico


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