Hello, I am a 7th grade social studies teacher. I created this blog as a resource for my social studies students. I have designed this site to help students study for tests, quizes and have a place to learn things that I think are useful off of the web. Students can post on messages and contact me through www.mrvoelger.com and it will immediately send me an email. When students post, their names will always be kept private from the public as to protect them. I only allow first names to show up under posted messages, and all messages must be approved by me before going up on the site. I hope you enjoy the site.


Mr. Voelger


2 responses »

  1. Preston Horan says:

    Hey Mr.Voelger!!!!! You have done a wonderful job with this site it helps a lot when i need review sheets. Good Luck creating the Mid-Term!

  2. hamoushe. says:

    yea what preston says !!!!

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