These are some pictures of me and my unit, the fighting 69, in Iraq. Some of this stuff is sad and close to my heart.

Me driving

This is me in the driver’s seat of a Hum-v in combat. You can see that I am wearing a neck protector, scissors, medical pocket, and protective eyewear.

In the truck we were suppose to wear our helmets but usually we took them off if the truck was stopped.

Hunging out in my room


Walking patrol


Checking vehicals

I thought the room picture was interesting because it shows how we would try our hardest to enjoy the same things we did when we were home, only now there is an M16 on the bed.

The next picture is us setting up a vehical check point outside falujia. We would call them pop-checkpoints because we would set them up about 5 times a day and they would be set up in about 2- 5 minutes.

The third photo is of us doing a walking patrol in a shanty town called Hurobas.


Searching for bombs


Cooler in our truck


These are some other shots I found that were pretty interesting. I like the cooler shot. We drank tons of energy drinks, “it can’t be healthy”.


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  1. andrea says:

    haha i like ur pics lol someof them are really cool and a few are funny ttys bye

  2. lvoelger says:

    Please do not put your first and last name on as your username or on a post. I will only allow posts if they’re your first name only. I don’t want people to know your full name. Thanks Mr. Voelger

  3. Hamoushe says:

    I enjoy ur pics , alot of them are funny ! ttyl

  4. matt says:

    mr voelger some of those epics are hilarious

  5. ryano says:

    heyy wuz up mr.v

  6. kiley says:

    hey mr. v…. those pictures are really cool!!!!

  7. ryano says:

    see i wuz on ur site and i even made flash cards

  8. nicole m :) says:

    hello;; some of those pics are really cool. How did you take some of them?

  9. GabbyM says:

    hey mr voelger nice pictures. What does ur tattoo mean? ok well bye!

  10. tony says:

    whats up mr.v like the pics where in iraq where you? ok ttys peace out..

  11. fee fey ( emily f ) says:

    hey mr. v ur pics r really cool. lol. joe says hi

  12. David says:

    Hey Mr.V wats up ?

  13. Marissa says:

    those pics were soooooo awesome!!!!!! see you later

  14. Marissa says:

    my sister (Elena) says hi

  15. alanna says:

    hey mr.voelger nice funny lookin pics! Jk cant wait to see ya when we get back.happy v-day!!!!!1 p3@ce

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